I am inspired by colorful boats to create a landscape space. To do this I layer bands and shapes of color to create an abstract design. I work on the colors until some appear to recede in the space and others come forward. The static design contributes to the quiet feeling and as if time stood still.

Boats at Wellfleet Harbor, Acrylic on paper, 40 x 48, C 2019 Patty Rodgers

Boat on Sandflats, watercolor, 8 x 9, C 2007 Patty Rodgers

Like Iron, Oil, 17 x 24, Copyright 1990 Patty Rodgers

Boats at Dusk, Oil Pastel 23 x 23, C 2016 Patty Rodgers

Copyright 2019 Patty Rodgers

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Patty Rodgers Art
Oil and Acrylic Paintings